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  • Location: Edinburgh

Ma Polinski’s Pockets

Ma Polinski’s Pockets

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: “Edinburgh is a great big black bastard of a city where there are ghosts of all kinds.” And in Ma Polinski’s Pockets, the city takes on a new form…

  • ISBN: B0057X5GMC
  • Genre: Fiction, Young Adult

What you need to know before your trail

Rachel White, a young archaeologist, is shocked to find that she’s been left a mysterious legacy of £8 million by an old lady – Ma Polinski – she met in Edinburgh when she was a child.

She is keen to discover why and so risking rocking the boat as it were, she attempts to find out just what is in her past to have led to this strange series of events. However as she starts to uncover secrets about her mother’s past, she finds out that at the age of 5, she was trapped in a concentration camp. Secrets buried long in the past are about to be unearthed and Rachel is not sure that for once she is ready for it.

Travel Guide

Edinburgh has been the only place that Rachel has ever known. She says she grew up around old things and odd things and relics and debris since her dad was an antiques dealer. This is full of characters and unique artifacts that have always fascinated her leading to a career in a different kind of discovery. The place where she meets Ma  Polinski is very atmospheric:
The place smelled very dusty and it was very, very dark. The medieval windows faced northwards out towards the high- ceilinged, wide windowed, Georgian houses of the New Town on the other side of Prices Street
From this small, but memorable little place, the traces for a trail in the future and a mystery into the past are traced into the dust.

Destination: Edinburgh   Departure Time: 2000s

Enjoy your book trail in Edinburgh of  Ma Polinski’s Pockets with Sara Sheridan.

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