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Jeremy Poldark (Poldark 3)

Jeremy Poldark (Poldark 3)

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1790-1791 –  Ross Poldark faces the darkest hour of his life. Accused of wrecking two ships, he is to stand trial at the Bodmin Assizes.

  • ISBN: 978-0330463355
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Despite their stormy married life, Demelza has tried to rally support for her husband. But there are enemies in plenty who would be happy to see Ross convicted, not least George Warleggan, the powerful banker, whose personal rivalry with Ross grows ever more intense.

Travel Guide

Poldark’s Cornwall

Ross at the Bodmin Assizes this time so the Bodmin Moor and the rugged landscape of Cornwall seems to be his prison and past , containing his sprit rather than allowing him to flourish and support the local community as he always has done.

Any man whose first born daughter has died is in the depths of despair and his beloved Cornwall and Nampara do little to lift his spririts. This is where his daughter should have grown up and played in the meadows, swam in the coves that he has done for years.

This is the land where he fell in love with Demelza, a ragamuffin of sorts whom he rescued from a market square and brought home as a maid. She’s now the lady of Nampara

Travelling to Bodmin, she visits one of the area’s influential men (Sir John Trevaunance) and asks him for help in providing good character references for her husband in court.
Meanwhile the Warleggans continue to wage war as they have done for many years. Ross and the Poldarks are in real trouble.

Whilst the war of wills is attacking the Cornish coast, the threat of war hangs over the rest of Europe for real – France is caught up in the grip of revolution and anyone found to be acting in favour of, supporting them in any way act or gesture in England that suggests common cause with the  will cause them to be classed as  revolutionaries too and so be seen as a threat to national security.

And through it all, Jud and Prudy retain the spirit, the banter and the humour of Cornwall and the Poldark magic

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Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Jeremy Poldark (Poldark 3)

Author/ Guide: Winston Graham  Destination: Cornwall  Departure Time: 1790-1791

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