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Bella Poldark (Poldark 12)

Bella Poldark (Poldark 12)

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1818. Bella, the youngest daughter of Ross and Demelza continues the tale of Cornwall and its people

  • ISBN: 978-0330463317
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Life in Poldark country goes on – Valentine Warleggan is still the enemy and troublemaker for Ross and George. But this is the story of Bella,  Poldark’s youngest daughter, whose precocious talent as a singer is encouraged by her old flame, Christopher Havergal, and by a distinguished French conductor, who has more in mind than Bella’s music.

Meanwhile, Clowance, the Poldark’s widowed daughter, is considering remarriage to one of two rival suitors. Alarmingly, there is also a murderer stalking the villages of west Cornwall…

Travel Guide

Poldark Country

This is truly the view of Poldark country and Winston Graham’s last of his 12 Poldark novels. A lot has changed but then at the same time nothing has changed. Poldark and Warleggan families continue to feud but the major change is that society now after the Napoleonic wars is very different.

The  main setting for this book and Bella Poldark’s  story is still very much Cornwall although her desire for a musical career takes her to stages in London and France.

There’s quite a few places from the TV show as well as the books which you can visit. Of course there is little chance you will meet Poldark himself but you never know if there is magic in the air…

Bodmin Moor – stands in for Nampara

Truro Harbour is actually Charlestown

and the Truro of Cornwall is not the one you see on the television!


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Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Bella Poldark (Poldark 12)

Author/Guide: Winston Graham   Destination: Cornwall   Departure Time: 1818-1820

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