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  • Location: Cornwall, St Ives, Zennor, Penzance

In Her Wake

In Her Wake

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2014, Flashbacks to 1970s, 1980s: Can a place ever heal you when your heart and emotions have been tested to the limit?

  • ISBN: 978-1910633298
  • Genre: Psychological, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Tragedy seems to be following Bella around at the moment. Just after the death of her mother comes another unexpected tragedy and this time it leads to a journey into her past and to the realisation that everything she has ever known may well have been a lie.

A letter. That is the only clue to her past which takes her to Cornwall in order to search for the clues which will start to hopefully answer the many questions she has floating around in her head. The Cornish coast, with its rugged lines and blustery weather, normally a holiday destination is now where her life will change again.

Bella has just started with Cornwall and Cornwall has only just started with Bella

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Cornwall is usually a place of beauty and peace but for Bella, it’s a place of answers, or at least she hopes so. But it’s the place, so different from Bristol and where she lives, that symbolizes her new start in life and her search for the truth.

St Ives

At first the small town of St Ives seems impossibly difficult to navigate with its twisting streets, hilly paths and blustery winds to greet her as she turns a corner. She immerses herself in setting even talking of the saltiness of the air, and discovering a tale,a family secret, linked to a story of a mermaid.

But amidst the culture and the rugged setting, the jarring realization that her past is now clouded by secrets she never knew make this a poignant place to be. St Ives beauty stuns – from the burnt orange sky to the blue waters off the headland, the beauty contrasts with the dark palette of emotions inside Bella’s head.


A small hamlet in St Ives which gives clues as to what Bella is searching for. This is a place where one of the character spends a lot of time and where there is a great deal of folklore and mythical qualities to it. People here live by the sea and die by the sea’ An intriguing and small place to visit for it’s where mermaids have been seen , well not far from here and where the past and present come together. In quiet, unassuming Zennor.

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St Ives coastline
St Ives Pier

Booktrailer Review

Susan @thebooktrailer

Amanda Jennings. What can I possibly add to the already great reviews you have had for this book. Except I totally understand why you deserve them.

This book grabbed me quite literarily by the throat – the one that was trembling at the beginning following the double tragedy then wracked with spasm by the end as the whole search for the truth came to a reveal of reveals and then some. It was emotionally draining but in a very good way as I’ve read several books since this one but this is the one that’s made its mark. Like  the trace of a mermaid in that Cornish sand, the bitter taste of salt was on my lips, my hair was windswept and my mind whirring by the sheer force of this. Time and place were brushed onto the page just as an artist would do. The trail of tragedy and truth were a chilling delight and I was swept along every step of the way.

Every shocking secret is unexpected. Just when you;ve recovered from one – BOOM – there’s another and it grips you without a chance to breathe – very apt since this is only a portion of what por Bella must be going through. Talk about unearthing family secrets – I’ve not read anything quite as gripping or unique as this before on this theme. secrets grow like weeds and they take over the beauty of a garden or the mind of a person until you have to fight to clear the truth.

The characters too were some of the most complex, confused, narcissistic and utterly brilliant I have ever read. This book packs a punch that’s for sure. I need a lie down now.

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