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  • Location: Helsinki

Helsinki White

Helsinki White

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2000s: Third in the Jari Vaara series looks set to be just as chilling as the rest. Now Inspector Vaara has a grave secret of his own…

  • ISBN: 978-0425253441
  • Genre: Crime, Hitman/Gangster

What you need to know before your trail

Kari Vaara has a horrific secret to tell his wife. Only two days after the birth of his daughter, he has to tell her that doctors have discovered a brain tumour….and that he has been chosen to run a rogue black-ops unit, using crime to fight crime.

He has surgery and returns to work but it’s not going to be easy. Reporting directly to Finland’s national chief of police, the unit may be small but they are bound by secrecy, have a lot of autonomy, and a decent budget.

Robbing Helsinki’s mobsters of their ill gotten gains is decent and satisfying work. But Kari’s team is too good, and their actions soon have unexpected consequences. . . .

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It’s not an easy time in Finland – even the police are having a hard time –

“I run a heist gang. I’m a police inspector, shakedown artist, strong-arm specialist and enforcer…Three months ago, I was an honest cop.”

The Cold nordic wind is chilling everything in its path. The brain tumour and the work of the new unit is tormenting the inspector as he comes to terms with what he has become and where he is likely to go from here. He has  a difficult relationship with the national chief of police and knows things about him that keeps their relationship on a relatively even keel.
There is hatred brewing in Finland, gangsters and other criminals are trying to gain power and the most extreme right political party is gaining popularity despite it being a blatant promoter of xenophobia.

“Here in Finland and the surrounding countries, thousands of gangsters orchestrate the buying and selling of young girls, and hundreds or thousands of those girls pass through this nation every year…”

Added to this is the fact that they seem to be heavy drinkers in sweden and Vappu, May Day is a time for drinking to excess
Slavery, drinking, xenophobia and police brutality….an explosive mix.

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