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Helsinki Blood

Helsinki Blood

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2000s: Not for the faint hearted, we are back with the fearless Helsinki based cop who runs a black ops unit.

  • ISBN: 978-0425264614
  • Genre: Crime, Hitman/Gangster

What you need to know before your trail

Inspector Kari Vaara, of the National Bureau of Investigation, runs a black-ops unit in his native Helsinki, using crime to fight crime with people who can only be described as ‘sociopaths’.

In the last book, Kari had brain surgery and so he is still getting over that whilst also committing to what he calls his cause – getting back at the criminals, the traffickers and worse.
When a woman asks him to find her 19 year old daughter who has downs syndrome, he comes to her cause. He has a lot to escape from his own life and so doing good for others is what drives him.

This is not going to be an easy case however and the investigation once again takes him to the darkest and most dangerous places he has ever been.

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The darkest view of Helsinki we have ever read.

Very violent, very graphic and very unsettling.

A city of corrupt police, Russian diplomats, criminals and law enforcement with a mind of its own. Racist bigots and a slavery ring which is rounding up young girls to become prostitutes. A place where –

“If the alcohol, tar and sauna won’t cure you, you’re already dead”

Despite all of this, it’s summer but you wouldn’t know it because of the chilly atmosphere and the unforgiving landscape.

When a brick smashes through Kari’s window with the words  “10,000,000 reasons for you and your family to die.” Kari knows the men behind the Söderlund case he investigated in the previous novel  are really out to get him. They’re also after his family.

The investigation for the missing girl leads Kaari further down a very slippery path which leads to slavery and much worse

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