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  • Location: Pamplona, Paris

Fiesta:The Sun Also Rises

Fiesta:The Sun Also Rises

Why a Booktrail?

1920s: Fiesta is the novel which established Ernest Hemingway as a writer of genius

  • ISBN: 978-0099908500
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Paris in the twenties: Pernod, parties and expatriate Americans, loose-living on money from home. Jake is wildly in love with Brett Ashley, aristocratic and irresistibly beautiful, but with an abandoned, sensuous nature that she cannot change.

When the couple drifts to Spain to the dazzle of the fiesta and the heady atmosphere of the bullfight, their affair is strained by new passions, new jealousies, and Jake must finally learn that he will never possess the woman he loves.

Travel Guide

Visit Hemingway’s Paris and Pamplona

The basis for the novel was Hemingway’s 1925 trip to Spain. The setting is the seedy café life in Paris, and the excitement of the Pamplona festival. Two cities well known for the Hemingway’ influence and heritage.

The characters are based on real people of Hemingway’s circle, and the action is based on real events. He lived in an apartment on the Left Bank and this became the home of the so-called Lost Generation.

Another Hemingway sites to visit are of course his house and museum  in Key West Florida

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Author/Guide: Ernest Hemingway  Destination: Pamplona, Paris Departure Time: 1920s

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