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End Game

End Game

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2000s: London through the eyes of the SAS…

  • ISBN: B078GZMJ4G
  • Genre: legal/political, Spy story, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Robert Finlay seems to have finally left his SAS past behind him and is settled into his new career as a detective. But when the girlfriend of his former SAS colleague and close friend Kevin Jones is murdered, it’s clear that Finlay’s troubles are far from over. Jones is arrested for the killing, but soon escapes from jail, and Finlay is held responsible for the breakout. Suspended from duty and sure he’s being framed too, our hero teams up with MI5 agent Toni Fellowes to find out who’s behind the conspiracy. Their quest soon reveals a plot that goes to the very heart of the UK’s security services.

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Authors on location  – MattJohnson


This is the London of the security services, Scotland Yard and the hardcore Robert Finlay who despite having left the SAS, is now being tested to the max. Someone has written a book about the secret services and now has gone missing. There’s an explosive manuscript missing too and both Mi5 and Mi6 are worried.

The power trio – Mi5, Mi6 and Scotland Yard comes to the fore here and most of the action takes place in one of these three places. However, one of the police characters, Chief Superintendent  John Southern works out f Kentish Town Police and this is an area where he has trained and where he knows well.

This is quite a secretive London – where tube stations are described as ‘good meeting places’ and the water of the Thames, a barrier between them and us. This London Matt has created is one of hushed tones amongst the busy traffic, of people being trailed around the tube, of secret meetings and covert conversations.


Robert Finlay says:

Wales is a country where you don’t have to travel far to be off the beaten track, away from civilisation and isolated. It’s for reasons such as this that our Armed Services choose mountainous areas such as the Brecon Beacons to test, select and train its soldiers. It is to one such place that Finlay travels in search of his friend, Kevin Jones. Jones is on the run, hunted by the police and desperate to buy the time to prove his innocence.

Booktrailer Review

Susan @thebooktrailer

‘Wicked Game’ and ‘Deadly Game’ and now the final in the series. Matt Johnson has  a lot to live up to. No problems there as he not only runs at the challenge, he jumps over it, breaking the world record for most impressive jump from a former SAS man.

Words to describe this thriller? What’s in it? Intrigue, threat, violence, more intrigue, plotting, corruption and hostage taking. Then just when you thought that might be jam packed, the icing on the cake is all that again and more.
It’s the author’s background that surely lends itself to him crafting a gritty thriller yet so well grounded in reality. I have no idea of what an SAS officer would do and how he would act, but I’m guessing it’s what Robert Finlay does here. It’s a fascinating world which I’m never going to be in..but this book takes me there and lets me experience it.
Action and plot -sometimes in a novel one can overshadow the other, but not here. There’s traps, hunts, challenges and all the while, characters you care about. Edge of the seat kind of reading, that’s for sure.
Terrifyingly brilliant, vivid and raw. Butit’s the last in the trilogy  – sob!


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Destination : London, Wales   Author/Guide: Matt Johnson  Departure Time: 2002

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