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Edge of the Grave

Edge of the Grave

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1932: A city still recovering from the Great War; split by religious division and swarming with razor gangs.

  • ISBN: 978-1529054019
  • Genre: Crime, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

When Charles Geddes, son-in-law of one of the city’s wealthiest shipbuilders, is found floating in the River Clyde with his throat cut, his beautiful widow Isla Lockhart asks for Inspector James Dreghorn to lead the murder case.

Dreghorn has a troubled history with the powerful Lockhart family that stretches back to before the First World War and is reluctant to become involved. But facing pressure from his superiors, he has no choice in the matter.

The investigation takes him and his partner ‘Bonnie’ Archie McDaid from the flying fists and flashing blades of the Glasgow underworld to the backstabbing upper echelons of government and big business in order to find out who wanted Charles Geddes dead and why. As the case deepens, the pair will put their lives on the line in the pursuit of a sadistic killer who is ready to strike again . . .

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Travel back to Glasgow with Robbie Morrison

From the author:

“Glasgow in the 1930s was, as the saying goes, ‘no mean city’ and the background of poverty, unemployment, discontent, sectarianism inand gang violence in the book is accurate. In 1931, to combat these problems, the Corporation of Glasgow did indeed controversially appoint Englishman Percy Silitoe as Chief Constable, after his success dealing with criminal gangs in Sheffield. His no nonsense approach to policing and the measures he introduced, such as the recruitment of officers like the fictional Dreghorn and McDaid. – essentially the UK’s first flying squad –  are for the most part accurate, although I have allowed radiocars to patrol the streets a couple of years earlier than the were actually introduced.”

The Glasgow Human Society

The oldest continuing lifeboat service in the world.

The Quintinshill Rail Disaster

This remains the worst train crash in British history. The author says “That the majority of the victims were young soldiers, killed before they even left home soil, makes the tragedy even more poignant; those who survived were shipped to Gallipoli afterwards.”

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Edge of the Grave

Destination/location: Glasgow Author/guide: Robbie Morrison Departure Time: 1932

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