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  • Location: French Riviera, Wiltshire

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

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2005, present day: Emma has had a rough start in life. Will the French Riviera make or break her many years later?

  • ISBN: 978-0007559619
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

2005 was the most traumatic year of Emma Barron’s life. This was the year she lost her mother. Her father takes her on a camping holiday giving them both time to grieve and hoping that she will start to heal in some small way. This is also the year that she met Guy Duval, a hunky specimen of Frenchness on the beach on the French Riviera. Things don’t quite turn out as she expects with him and she returns to Wiltshire

Eight years later, she comes into contact with Guy once again. but now she has a family of her own and she’s settled. But Guy and Emma were meant to be…weren’t they?

Travel Guide

From the opening pages, we are transported to the French Riviera and the picture of someone reading on the beach…distracted by a man whose ‘ skin was like perfectly browned toast, but with the smooth perfection of chocolate spread”, this is an opening scene that draws you in with every sense you can muster. Then:

“She bit into the baguette. The fusion of bread and soft cheese warned her all over and smothered her in gladness, She was so happy to be in France”

The campsite location is alive with happy campers, tents blowing in the breeze and two people sneaking around in order to spend some time together. Exciting and willing you to be 17 again for the sense of fun that only a holiday romance can bring. French Guy – (rhymes with Key) is someone who  is going to change her life and her future.


Imagine if one of your own holiday romances suddenly reappeared n your life many years later. At a time when you were happily settled with a baby and a boyfriend. Having fled back home all those years ago when the relationship went sour, this is a place that is one of recuperation. The footballing world was brought to life here with Mandy skillfully dribbling and aiming a few shots of football mania into the mix. The header shots always hit the mark:

“He was dressed in the bright blue of the French national football team, the gold cockerel motive looking resplendent ton his chest. She’d never envied a cockerel before…”

Football hunks, a holiday romance and a whole lot of love.

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