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  • Location: New York City

One New York Christmas

One New York Christmas

Why a Booktrail?

2018: Christmas in New York is the place to be!

  • ISBN: 978-1785039256
  • Genre: Humour, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Lara Weeks is heading to New York with best friend Susie for the Christmas trip of a lifetime.

A festive break in the snowy Big Apple visiting the tourist hotspots, not to mention the shopping, seems like the perfect way for Lara to get over her ex-boyfriend. Or maybe make him so jealous he begs for a second chance.

Enlisting the help of gorgeous actor, Seth Hunt, doesn’t quite go to plan, but there’s something about him that has Lara wishing for a different kind of happy ever after..

Travel Guide

BookTrail New York City

One of the most festive cities in the world and when you add a Mandy Baggot guide to it, it’s more festive than most! Many of the locations where the characters meet, work and go are real places so you get a real sense of the city and the Christmas excitement. They are amazed at the size of the buildings. Everything is so tall, one of them exclaims. The Chrysler building in particular. It’s an art deco skyscraper , built in 1930 whose spire once made it the world’s tallest building.

Blind Tiger The bar where several characters go.

Cafe Cluny This is deemed to be a West Village staple since 2006. This is the part of the city where Seth and Trent have an apartment so it’s handy for them!

Dominique’s – where Seth goes to meet someone. French food served here and it has a  Parisian feel.

Central Park Zoo  – And let’s not forget the Central Park zoo! There’s many chapter and scenes set here and it’s a delight to visit with Mandy Baggot and her characters!

Streetview Maps

B) USA - NYC - Blind Tiger, Bleecker Street
D) USA - NYC - Dominique's - Christopher Street

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

Mandy Baggot books always make me smile. She has some brilliant characters with plenty of flaws and problems of their own. Then she takes them to some fascinating places and lets them loose in cities such as Paris and now, New York!

Laura and Seth’s blossoming relationship is fun – she thinks he’s out of her league, his agent sets him up with events for his TV work and comedy ensues, the city then becomes their date – exploring the city at the same time they find out about each other is a nice touch.

You can really use this book as a visit to the city itself as it features no end of real life bars, parks, streets and places which you can and should visit for real. Mandy showcases the city by wrapping it in the story itself and allowing the characters to reveal themselves and what they see, as the story unfolds.

Have yourself a Merry Mandy Baggot Christmas in the city that never sleeps!

BookTrail Boarding Pass: One New York Christmas

Destination: New York City   Author/guide: Mandy Baggot Departure Time:  2018

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