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  • Location: Sutherland, Plockton, Lochdubh and Cnothan (both fictional)

Death of an Outsider (Hamish Macbeth 3)

Death of an Outsider  (Hamish Macbeth 3)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: The dour town of Cnothan is on the literary map with this one. Just as well it’s fictional!

  • ISBN: 978-1472105226
  • Genre: Cosy crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

The most hated man in the most dour town in Scotland is sleeping with the fishes, or – more accurately – has been dumped into a tank filled with crustaceans. All that remains of the murdered victim are his bones. But once the lobsters have been shipped off to Britain’s best restaurants, the whole affair quickly lands on the plate of Constable Hamish Macbeth.

Exiled to the dreary outpost of Cnothan, Macbeth sorely misses his beloved Lochdubh, but before he can head back home he has to contend with a detective chief inspector who wants the murder hushed up, a dark-haired lassie who is out to seduce him, and a killer who has made mincemeat of his last victim, and will no doubt strike again…

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Hamish Macbeth country


“Misery did make Hamish Macbeth look dull-witted. It seems as if only a sort time ago he had been happy and comfortable in his own police station in Lochdubh, and then orders had come that he was to relieve Sergeant MacGregor at Cnothan, a crofting town in the centre of Sutherland

In vain he had invented a crime wave in Lochdubh”


Constable Hamish Macbeth lives in the fictitious town of Lochdubh in Sutherland, Scotland

“The Village of Lochdubh in Sutherland looked like a picture postcard with its row of small eighteenth-century whitewashed cottages facing the sea loch”

The TV version

The series was filmed on location in the village of Plockton, the town of Kyle of Lochalsh and the surrounding area. The booktrail is a mix of the two.


Sutherland is located at the highest point of the Highlands. It’s a region noted for its jewel in the crown which is the fantastic Dunrobin Castle  – now this made us think of the estate party going on in this novel and well you can imagine grouse on the menu here!

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A) Lochdubh or Plockton?
D) Cnothan or Culrain?

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:   Death of an Outsider  (Hamish Macbeth 3)

Author/ Guide: MC Beaton  Destination: Sutherland, Plockton, Lochdubh and Cnothan (both fictional) Departure Time:  2000s

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