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  • Location: Cape Town

Cobra (Benny Griessel 4)

Cobra (Benny Griessel 4)

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2000s: Why would a mathematics professor from Cambridge University, renting a holiday home outside Cape Town, require a false identity and three bodyguards?

  • ISBN: 978-1444723779
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Why indeed would a professor from Cambridge University on holiday in Cape Town require such extreme security?

And where is this professor, now that his protectors are dead? The only clue to the bodyguards’ murder is the snake engraved on the shell casings of the bullets that killed them.

Benny Griessel is on the case but he and his team find themselves being drawn into an international conspiracy with shocking implications. There were people worried about what the Professor was working on, scared even. And fear makes people do extreme things

Travel Guide

Benny Griessel’s work for Priority Crimes Investigations takes him to some dark and dangerous places in Cape Town. His case this time however involves an outsider – someone who comes to the city for a holiday and stays in his holiday home.

The area the police must look into this time is the tech world where the visiting professor deals with – computer systems which countries can use to monitor trends both economic and otherwise. Valuable information that some people might kill for.

This novel gives an insight into the South African police system and the control it’s under from all sides. How they work, how they overcome the obstacles they’re under and the power struggles from within. Everyone seems to have an agenda of their own for their own personal gain. Like a dangerous game where ever one has their own interests and reputations.

And murder is everywhere – the title of the book comes from the fact that the bullets used in these crimes all bear the image of a spitting cobra.

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Cobra (Benny Griessel #4)

Author/ Guide: Deon Mayer  Destination: Cape Town  Departure Time : 2000s

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