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Calling Mrs Christmas

Calling Mrs Christmas

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Early 2000s: A charming and heartwarming tale with Cassie, a woman who just loves Christmas, being asked to go to Lapland by a millionaire

  • ISBN: 978-0751545586
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Cassie Smith has been out of work for a while and needs to do something fast. She loves christmas and so the idea soon comes to her that she’ll write cards and wrap presents for others to make a bit of money. It’s not long before ‘Calling Mrs Christmas ‘ is born.

Carter Randall wants to make Christmas special for his children so he enlists Cassie’s help in making Christmas one to remember. The only problem is that he starts to request more and more taking up more of her time.
Then Carter asks Cassie to join them on a trip to Lapland. She knows she shouldn’t go but she has started to have feelings for him and so when her heart tells her one thing, her head tells of another.
A Christmas conundrum if ever we heard one..

Travel Guide

Christmas is the real setting wherever you read this book but of course Swedish Lapland is the one where Cassie goes to. After working hard at home in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, she tries to make Christmas the best it can for everyone she knows. Oh and Cassie loves everything about Christmas -the Decorations, the rustle of the wrapping paper and the jingle of those carols.

And that’s not forgetting the perfume adverts and the weeping caused by the John Lewis advert. Boots, Argos, she has an opinion on all of them and how they make Christmas something to remember!

Meanwhile, boyfriend Jim works full time at Bovingdale Young Offenders Unit and seems like  a saint working with those less fortunate and who have ran into trouble in some way. He’s not one for talking about his job but it’s very different to the dreams and visions in Cassie’s head! The couple seem happy and marriage could be on the (Christmas) cards (sorry).
So when a millionaire comes calling, almost in the guise of father Christmas himself offering Cassie a working holiday in Lapland, what’s a girl to do? He wants his large house decorate like a Christmas palace and then wants to arrange a Christmas holiday.

Swedish lapland is Christmas in a snow globe! The dog sledges, the snow, the ice and trees, the wooden huts, the arctic clothes and the glasses of warm hot chocolate beside the fire…..
Ah the atmosphere –

Kiruna airport is so tiny that the plane pulls up right next to the terminal building…

Jan Bergson, a big, blond bear of a man who’s going to be out side for the next few days, is already waiting for us. He claps our hand and says, ‘Welcome to Swedish Lapland”.
Eeeh are we getting carried away? You will to when Christmas fills your imagination!

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