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  • Location: Madrid

Madrid Underground – (Supt Bernal 1)

1977:  A booktrail on the maddening maze that is the Madrid Metro is very thrilling indeed

  • Location: Brazil

Victoria Goes to Brazil

Timeless –  a child who has grown up away from her home in Brazil now goes back to see where she’s from.

  • Location: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Jerusalem

The Road to Oxiana

1933 – Read this to travel and access an area now largely inaccessible to Western travellers. Access all areas! Known as the travel book of the…

  • Location: London, The World, USA, Suez Canal, India, Japan

Around the World in 80 Days

1872: The novel which inspired the booktrail – travelling, languages and reading!

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2000s: There are secrets waiting in Port Silver…

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