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  • Location: Quebec, Laurentian Mountains

The Trickster’s Lullaby

2000s: A winter camping trip turns deadly in the remote Laurentian wilderness.

  • Location: Quebec, Gaspe Peninsula

We Were the Salt of the Sea

2000s: On Quebec’s outlying Gaspe Peninsula, the truth can be slippery…

  • Location: St-Jean Baptiste

Salut, Gadou

When your club house is threatened, what’s a kid to do?

  • Location: Quebec

Caring for a Colony: The Story of Jeanne Mance

1640s – A French woman who travelled to Montreal and founded the Hôtel-Dieu hospital

  • Location: Canada, Charlottetown, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa

Miss Confederation

The events, the women and the men, that made Canada.

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1950s: One woman did the work. Three men took the glory.

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