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  • Location: Liverpool

The Bone Keeper

2000s: If you go down to the woods today….you might never get out alive.

  • Location: Liverpool

An Awfully Big Adventure

1950s: The Liverpool theatre scene of the 1950s is a fascinating one and this is a memoir too which makes it all the more so.

  • Location: Liverpool

A Tapping at My Door

2000s : Don’t you dare open your door if you hear the dreaded tap tap tap from outside….

  • Location: County Mayo, Liverpool

Ruby Flynn

1940s, 1950s: A family cursed by tragedy and a visitor from afar. Can two destinies be linked in some way?

  • Location: Staffordshire, Liverpool, Stockleigh (fictional)

Don’t Look Behind You

2000s: The town of Stockleigh may be fictional but the fear isn’t…

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The Return

WW2: A man makes a promise to his girl before the war breaks out.

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