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  • Location: Copenhagen, London

The Little Café in Copenhagen

2000s: Can the true meaning of Hygge really bring you happiness?

  • Location: Copenhagen

The Butterfly House

2000s: Everything seems to lead back to the mysterious Butterfly house

  • Location: Copenhagen

The Stolen Angel (Louise Rick 6)

2000s: The granddaughter of a wealthy Sachs-Smith family is kidnapped in Copenhagen..

  • Location: Copenhagen

The Tenant

2000s: The Copenhagen police find that fact and fiction are starting to merge…

  • Location: Copenhagen

The Running Girl (Louise Rick 5)

2000s:  Every parent’s worst nightmare..

Featured Book

A Poisoner’s Tale

1651: Inspired by the true story of Giulia Tofana: The Angel of Death with a Vial of Vengeance

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