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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Geneva, Greece, Aegean Sea, Oslo, Bergen, Liepzig

The Storm Sister – Ally’s story

1875, 2007: The epic second tale about the second of the Seven Sisters taking you from the shores of Lake Geneva, via Greece, Bergen/Oslo and…

  • Location: Country Cork, Cork, Dunworley Bay, Rosscarberry, Clonakilty

The Girl On The Cliff

1914, 2000s: Travel to Ireland with Lucinda Riley in this tale of family secrets over the years. Stunning locations and settings and a saga spanning…

  • Location: Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Geneva

The Seven Sisters – Maia’s story

1920s, 2007: Trace the story and the mystery behind the story of the Seven Sisters constellation with a fictional account of the seven sisters and…

  • Location: Naples, Milan, London

The Italian Girl

1960s, 2000s – Lucinda Riley really is the Queen of sumptuous locations and settings and this is set in the world of opera and quite…

  • Location: Dartmoor, England, Darjeeling, India

A Midnight Rose

1911 – 2000s: Lucinda Riley is a queen of the evocative and lush landscapes and this is no exception. With a journey across India and Dartmoor,…

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The Circus Train

1930s:  Brought together by magic.Torn apart by war.

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