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  • Location: Fjällbacka

The Ice Child

Destination: Fjällbacka  Departure Time: 2000s Fjällbacka has never seemed so chilling and cold

  • Location: Sweden

The Widow’s Cafe

2000s: A short story from the woman who put Fjällbacka and Sweden firmly on the literary map

  • Location: Fjällbacka

Buried Angels (Fjällbacka 8)

1974, 2000s: Tragedy runs in the family and murder runs in the blood

  • Location: Fjällbacka

The Stranger (Fjällbacka 4)

2000s: Previously titled The Gallows Bird, this is a great story about the repercussions of what effect actions of one moment can have on the…

  • Location: Fjällbacka

The Lost Boy (Fjällbacka 7)

2000s: A place called Ghost Isle features in this book and adds another chill to the already chilly atmosphere of Fjällbacka

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The Porcelain Doll

In a faraway kingdom, in a long-ago land ……

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