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  • Location: Copenhagen, Holbaek

Only One Life (Louise Rick 3)

2000s: Navigating the complex web of family and community ties in Copenhagen’s tightly knit ethnic communities..

  • Location: Copenhagen

The Midnight Witness (Louise Rick 1)

2000s: The first outing for Louise Rick

  • Location: Copenhagen, Hvalsø

The Killing Forest (DI Louise Rick 8)

2000s: Louise Rick is back from her extended leave

  • Location: Denmark, Copenhagen

The Forgotten Girls

2000s: Just who are the forgotten girls? Dare you find out?

  • Location: Copenhagen

Blue Blood ( DI Louise Rick 2)

2000s: Quiet Copenhagen – a nice idyllic part of the city. But  no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors or behind the anonymity of…

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A Person is a Prayer

2000s: A family’s story of migration from Kenya and India to England

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