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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: England (fictional Lymstock)

The Moving Finger (Miss Marple)

1940s: You might not have heard of Lymstock – it does have its share of shameful secrets however and now maybe a poisoner?

  • Location: Virginia

Henry’s Freedom Box

1849: The remarkable true story of a young slave in America who mailed himself to freedom in a box

  • Location: Australia

The Magic Pudding

Bunyip Bluegum is a very special koala bear who sets off one day on his travels as he wants to see the world. What he…

  • Location: Derbyshire, Peak District, Edendale (fictional)

Black Dog (Cooper & Fry 1)

2000s: The first in the Cooper and Fry series set in the charming, beautiful Peak District, which in the hands of Stephen booth is also…

  • Location: Istanbul

Belshazzar’s Daughter (Inspector Ikmen 1)

2000s: Off to the little known area of Balat in Istanbul and now a Jewish man has been found murdered.. Inspector Ikmen has his first…

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The Winter Visitor

1991: Essex in February. Cold enough to catch your death.

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