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  • Location: Toronto


Future:  A topic that had a spooky prescience in the real life SARS case but the fictional one is a wild and scary ride through…

  • Location: Ottawa, Vancouver

A Celibate Season

2000s: An interesting premise for a book ensuring that we get to know the differences between the places as well as the people involved.

  • Location: Mumbai (Bombay)

Murder in Mumbai

2000s: “Anyone who’s lived in Mumbai will understand this: You love it; you hate it; you loathe it; you embrace it.”

  • Location: Québec City

Bury Your Dead (Inspector Gamache 6)

2000s: Winter Carnival in Quebec City is a marvelous and magical time – full of celebration and promise.People are in good spirits and drinking them…

  • Location: St Mary Mead (fictional)

The Body in the Library (Miss Marple)

1930s: As every bookworm knows, the library can be somewhere you often to dream of being locked inside. Living out your days just with your…

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The Queen’s Gambit

1950s. 1960s: Who knew chess could be so deadly?

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