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  • Location: Bangkok, San Francisco

Every Man a Menace

Every Man a Menace

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: A drugs trail from Bangkok to San Francisco..only this one you don’t get out alive

  • ISBN: 978-0802125446
  • Genre: Crime, Hitman/Gangster

What you need to know before your trail

This is the inside story of a ruthless ecstasy-smuggling ring.

San Francisco is about to receive the biggest delivery of MDMA to hit the West Coast in years. Raymond Gaspar, just out of prison, is sent to the city to check in on the increasingly erratic dealer expected to take care of distribution. In Miami, the man responsible for getting the drugs across the Pacific has just met the girl of his dreams but she’s a woman who can’t seem to keep her story straight.

And thousands of miles away in Bangkok, someone farther up the supply chain is about to make a phone call that will put all their lives at risk.

Travel Guide

Ever wondered how drugs even come to be sold on the streets of America or any country in the West? How they make their way from Asia and get onto the market in the form they do? How is behind the operations and just how organised and crafty do these people have to be? The Drugs game can get you killed if ou don’t die from the stuff itself, but this book takes you behind the scenes and puts you at the heart of the drugs conveyor belt.

The length and complexity of the drugs chain is quite impressive and if this level of “intelligence” were applied to good causes and improving people’s lives, there really would be a good chance of sorting out many of the world’s problems. But many choose this one for the lucrative lifestyle it can offer. And they’ll fight to the death to keep their position.

Now, we’re not suggesting for a second that this is a booktrail in the normal sense but a look at how drugs travel and infiltrate other countries. The prisons closest to the destinations mentioned have been noted to show what is often the final destination if not the morgue.

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Every Man a Menace

Author/Guide: Patrick Hoffman Destination: Bangkok, San Francisco  Departure Time: 2000s

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