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  • Location: Québec, Three Pines (fictional)

The Murder Stone (Inspector Gamache 4)

2000s:  Three Pines is  a nice place for a relaxing holidays isn’t it? Not if you’ve read the first three books it’s not and certainly…

  • Location: Montreal, Charlotte

Death du Jour ( Temperance Brennan 2)

1990s: The Canadian – American setting put not only Charlotte and Montreal on the literary map but opens up the world of forensics and cross…

  • Location: Québec, Three Pines (fictional), Queen Charlotte Islands

The Brutal Telling (Inspector Gamache 5)

2000s: Three Pines was not like any other village. “Every Québec village has a vocation”. “Some make cheese, some wine, some pots. We produce bodies.”

  • Location: Québec, Three Pines (fictional)

The Cruellest Month (Inspector Gamache 3)

2000s: Three Pines is the most charming if not most deadly villages in Quebec….

  • Location: Quebec, (Three Pines - fictional)

Still Life (Inspector Gamache 1)

2000s: This is the first in a series about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and Three Pines will be or should be somewhere you get to…

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The Circus Train

1930s:  Brought together by magic.Torn apart by war.

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