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Lake Louise, Canada
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  • Location: Nuuk, Tasiilaaq, Greenland

Cold Fear (Matthew Cave 2)

2000s: Sinister secrets, all set against the bleak, yet oddly beautiful, Greenlandic landscape.

  • Location: Greenland, Nuuk

The Calendar Man

2042:  Petra Piitalaat Jensen was supposed to be retiring from the police in Nuuk…

  • Location: Nuuk, Greenland

The Twelfth Night

2000s: Christmas is a special time in Greenland. Twelth night however is about to be remembered for the wrong reasons…

  • Location: Greenland

The Day is Dark

2000s: Two people go missing from a remote part of Greenland

  • Location: Rome, London, Greenland

The Promise of Elsewhere

2018: 43 and feel you’ve not seen much of the world? Louie Hake is on a journey

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The Sailor from Casablanca

1940, 2005: Casablanca has a story to tell….

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