Words leave imprints in your mind like footprints in the sand...
Lake Louise, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Loch Ness, Scotland

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  • Location: London, Derby, Paris

The Blue

1900s: A female artist has a chance to become someone…but there’s a catch…

  • Location: Paris

Vintage 1954

2000s, 1950s: A bottle of 1945 wine transports  drinkers back to that time…

  • Location: Montpellier, France Neblus, Palestine

The Parisian

1940s onwards: As the First World War shatters families, destroys friendships and kills lovers, a young Palestinian dreamer sets out to find himself.  

  • Location: Paris

One Summer in Paris

2000s: One charming bookshop, two unlikely friends, and a summer in Paris that will change their lives forever…

  • Location: Paris

Murder in the Marais (Aimee Leduc Investigation 1)

1990s: Detective Aimee Leduc makes her debut in the first in a series of mysteries

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The Glittering Hour

1925, 1935: What secrets will be revealed in The Glittering Hour?

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