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  • Location: Paris

The Dressmaker’s Secret

1941 and present day:  Coco Chanel’s assistant, the Ritz hotel, and the Nazis who threaten to destroy everything.

  • Location: Paris

The Caretakers

2000s: Paris as seen through the eyes of several American au-pairs

  • Location: New York City, Paris

That Green Eyed Girl

1955, 1975: The Green eyed monster will rear its ugly head

  • Location: Paris

The Clockwork Girl

1750: What is the famous clockmaker of Paris really creating in that workshop?

  • Location: Paris

The Paris Apartment

2000s: A lovely Paris apartment. But what goes on behind closed doors…?

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The Lighthouse

2000s: Six friends travel to a remote light house but sometimes remote can be TOO remote  

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