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  • Location: Calcutta, Mumbai (Bombay)

Death of a Lesser God

1950: Can a white man receive justice in post-colonial India?

  • Location: (Mumbai) Bombay

Midnight at Malabar House

1949: India celebrates the arrival of a momentous new decade,

  • Location: Bombay

The Dying Day

1950: A priceless manuscript disappears in Bombay

  • Location: Bombay/Mumbai

Midnight at Malabar House

1949: The first in a new series set in Bombay

  • Location: Mumbai (Bombay)

The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown (Ganesh Agency 2)

2000s: The mystery of the Koh-i-Noor diamond

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1950s: One woman did the work. Three men took the glory.

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