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Lake Louise, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Loch Ness, Scotland

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  • Location: Sorrento, Naples

The Liberation

1945: A tangled web of deceit woven in war torn Italy….with a shocking secret at its core

  • Location: Paris,Arles, Carmargue region

The Guardian of Lies

1953: The fragile peace between the West and Soviet Russia hangs on a knife edge. And one family has been torn apart.

  • Location: Warsaw, Germany, Berlin

The Survivors

1945: Even once rescued, those in a postwar Displaced Persons Camp were trapped…

  • Location: Paris

The Betrayal

1930, 1938: Could you kill someone? Someone you love?

  • Location: Rome, Latina, Lazio Region

The Italian Wife

1930s – Mussolini’s Italy is growing from strength to strength, but at what cost?

Featured Book

The Cat and the City

2000s: A cat wanders through the city of Tokyo weaving in and out of peoples stories.

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