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  • Location: Norway

The Kingdom

2000s: Two brothers with lots of secrets

  • Location: Oslo

The Thirst (Harry Hole 11)

2000s: Harry Hole doesn’t want this case, but the case wants him

  • Location: Oslo

Blood on Snow

Early 2000s: A departure from the norm for Nesbo with Olav, a man tasked with killing a woman he then develops feelings for.

  • Location: Oslo

The Devil’s Star (Harry Hole 5)

2000s: Jo Nesbo’s Oslo really is on the map with this beauty! Watch for the big finale! Whoah!

  • Location: Oslo

The Snowman (Harry Hole 7)

2000s -Jo Nesbø gives us the definitive guide to Oslo and the surrounding area. You might not want to go when it’s snowing though…

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Diving for Pearls

2000s : A young woman’s body floats in the Dubai marina. Her death alters the fates of six people,…

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