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  • Location: Sydney

The Red Door

The Red Door

Why a Booktrail?

1983: The mysterious mansion they call Rosalind has some secrets behind one of its doors.

  • ISBN: 978-1925353471
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

There’s an old mansion in Sydney called Rosalind and it’s been divided up into apartments. Maddie, an artist lets them out and looks after the renovations etc but there’s a certain reclusive resident in number three who seemingly wants to hide away and not speak to anyone. Maddie however feels that he is watching her and is disturbed by it all.  It doesn’t help that the man shares his name with two teenage sisters who were the victims of a brutal murder – a crime that was never solved and something which starts to fester in Maddie’s mind.

What exactly does the resident, the residents and even the walls know of what lies within Rosalind…

Travel Guide

Sydney, Glebe,  Glebe Point Road

Could this be the G Road where the mansion is located? Imagine this –  a lovingly restored and renovated mansion spanning four floors and containing individual flats. The front door is red, red and mysterious and Maddie, the friendly artist in charge of it al knows most of the people who live within its walls. All apart from one man – one reclusive man behind the door of number three.

This mansion contains many stories within its walls – what does on behind closed doors is the ultimate question and here we see exactly what goes on. There are stories from many residents, stories from women, men, and the various colourful and varied characters who find themselves living in close proximity with one another. Then something is found under the Glebe Bridge.


Another part of the suburb where the girls were found. Short chapters, choppy vignettes and many voices blend with the author’s illustrations to create an intriguing setting of so much to look at.

The mystery of number three – the man who wants no part of the renovation – preferring to live how things are. But Rosalind seems to have a mind of its own with the ever cold corridors and rooms, the light bulbs which never seem to last very long and the apparent link to a brutal murder years ago.

Maddie and a friend start to investigate the case, taking apart Rosalind brick by brick until the truth starts to reveal itself, revealing the social changes and the history of Sydney and Australia at the same time.

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