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  • Location: California, Monterey

Solitude Creek

Solitude Creek

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Destination: Monterey, CA Departure Time: 2000s

Panic can kill in seconds. One shout, one cry of fire! and it’s as effective as a bomb blast

  • ISBN: 978-1444757422
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

One mistake is all it takes.

At a small concert venue on the Monterey Peninsula, cries of “fire” are heard over the crowds causing people to flee to the exits in order to escape. But they’re blocked and many die trying to fight their way out. The panic and stampede of the crowd kills many. There is no fire. That was a wicked, cruel ruse.

Kathryn Dance, a Bureau of Investigation agent and body language expert from California is horrified to think this was caused intentionally and that the perpetrator has even more planned. This man wants to turn fear and panic into the most ultimate weapon yet.

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Solitude Creek

A rather dubious name for a night club in Monterey California.

“The claustrophobia. The ceilings in the club were low and that accentuated the closeness”

Solitude, Claustrophobia – the atmosphere and investigation are linked to the infamous and frightening case of the Hillsborough Football disaster in sheffield, England which the police in Monterey are all too familiar with for the similarities to their own case.

Monterey Bay

The setting is a nice one – on the banks of Monterey Bay with view of the Pacific Ocean and the ideal setting for an aquarium. This is where youngsters hang out and enjoy life but where shopping is a nightmare – it’s a place which has been called more for its charms for the old marrieds and even older citizens of the area:

“ A place for the newly wed and nearly dead”

Katherine Dance, working from the Californian Bureau of Investigation West’s ground floor on route 68 in monterey, is a body language expert. Her weapon as well as her defence seems to be her instinct. When there is a serious list of crimes against Jewish people, and others in their homes and businesses, the streets of the peninsula town. A drive by shooting in nearby Seaside haunts the police and they don’t realise that the killer is hanging out in nearby Pebble Beach which, excuse the pun is literally just a stone’s throw away.


Part of the investigations are centered on a drugs- and arms-running pipeline to and from Mexico.

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A) CA - Monterey - Route 68 and the turn off to the airport
C) CA - Monterey - Pebble Beach

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