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  • Location: Yorkshire

In Little Stars

2023: Two families divided by hate. A love that will not die.

  • Location: Bradford

Darkness Rising

2000s: Detective Inspector Harry Virdee  has gang rivalry to deal with.

  • Location: Bradford

City of Sinners

2000s: The third in the Harry Virdee series

  • Location: Bradford

Streets of Darkness

2000s: The sky over Bradford is heavy with foreboding. A body has been found. And it’s not just any body.

  • Location: Bradford

Girl Zero

2000s: Standing over the body of your beloved and dead relative is not something anyone should have to face

Featured Book

A Poisoner’s Tale

1651: Inspired by the true story of Giulia Tofana: The Angel of Death with a Vial of Vengeance

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