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  • Location: Sussex

The A-Z of Curious Sussex

The A-Z of Curious Sussex

Why a Booktrail?

So, just what is curious about Sussex?

  • ISBN: 978-0750956048
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

In this engaging book, Wendy Hughes takes you on a grand tour of the curious and bizarre, the strange and the unusual from Sussex’s past. Read about the Alfriston Star – the hostelry for medieval package tours with its unusual ship’s figurehead, the Russian memorial to Finnish soldiers, Crazy Jack who couldn’t stop building and who is buried in a pyramid, the inventor of vapour baths and the lady who fooled the army. Along the way you will meet scandalous residents, inventors, and smugglers galore.

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There are too many sites to mention but let’s just say that Sussex is very curious indeed.


Where else could you find –

An inn established for monks on a pilgrimage then later used for smuggling

The house of a man who invented a contraption for ducks

A very strange looking bycicle

French fisherman lost in Bognor Regis

Burnt royal cakes
And that’s just the start….


Meet one of the most inventive inventors!


The story of a beached ship and a  stench of fish


The story of King Alfred famously burning the cakes is well known, but no one knows exactly where it occurred. Some say it happened on the site of th STar Inn when it was no more than a peasant’ s hut

You can stay in the same Star Inn which features in many of the stories and folklore of the region. http://www.thestaralfriston.co.uk/ It was good for smugglers apparently due to its many rooms and strange layout, not to mention the tunnels underneath the bar.

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