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  • Location: The Pyrenees, Huesca, Monteperdido

Village of the Lost Girls

Village of the Lost Girls

Why a Booktrail?

2009 onwards: Two girls go missing in the mountains. One returns.

  • ISBN: 978-1786488435
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Five years after their disappearance, the village of Monteperdido still mourns the loss of Ana and Lucia, two eleven-year-old friends who left school one afternoon and were never seen again. Now, Ana reappears unexpectedly inside a crashed car, wounded but alive.

The case reopens and a race against time begins to discover who was behind the girls’ kidnapping. Most importantly, where is Lucia and is she still alive?

Inspector Sara Campos and her boss Santiago Bain, from Madrid’s head office, are forced to work with the local police. Five years ago fatal mistakes were made in the investigation conducted after the girls first vanished, and this mustn’t happen again. But Monteperdido has rules of its own.

Travel Guide

BookTrail Travel to Huesca and the Pyrenees

A gorgeously vast and naturally stunning area just south of  the Spanish/French border. The mountain villages and places here are remote communities and used to living in wild, raw yet peaceful surroundings. So when two young girls go missing, there is deep concern:

Eleven year olds Ana M G And Lucia C S left Valle del Esera School at 5pm last Monday, 19 October 2009 and set off to walk along their usual route to the neighbourhood of Los Corzos, on the outskirts of the village of Monteperdido, in the province of Huesca.”

Monteperdido – A village in shock

“Monteperdido is a well-known tourist spot, famed for its spectacular natural setting, ringed as it is by two national parks in the shadow of the highest peaks of the Pyrenees. Ana and Lucia are well known to local villagers.”

Monte perdido means ‘The lost mountain” where the weather controls life and where only whispers of wind can be heard apart from the birds in the sky.

The road beside where the car is found :runs parallel to the River Esera, which snaked through a deep ravine between the soaring central Pyrenees, which cast a deep shadow over the whole valley. Though the road climbed steeply uphill, around treacherous hairpin bends, still the mountain peaks towered over the landscape.:

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Village of the Lost Girls

Destination: Huesca, Monteperdido, The Pyrenees Author/guide:  Agustín Martínez  Departure: 2009 onwards

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