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  • Location: Sweden "Beartown"

Us Against You

Us Against You

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Beartown is dying . . .

  • ISBN: 978-0718186593
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Tucked in a forest in the frozen north, Beartown’s residents are tough and hardworking. They don’t expect life to be easy, but they do expect it to be fair.

Which is why the sudden loss of their hockey players to the rival town of Hed hurts. Everyone needs something to cheer for in the long winter nights. Now they have nothing.

So when a new star player arrives, Coach Peter sees an opportunity to rebuild the team – to take on Hed and restore Beartown’s fortunes. But not everyone in town sees it his way.

As the big game between both towns approaches, the rivalry turns bitter and all too real. Once the stands rumbled with threats to ‘kill’ and ‘ruin’ each other, but the residents didn’t mean it. Now they do.

By the time the last goal is scored, someone in Beartown will be dead .

Travel Guide

A fictional place with no real sense of where in Sweden it is, but in this novel it’s the village itself, the woods, the lsolation that is important as well as the people within.


There are lots of lakes and streams up here, and woods and so this is a very popular area for sports fans of all ages and kinds – anglers and canoeists to name but two. The city also has many parks and is known as one of the greenest cities in Europe


This could well be Beartown – it’s a small seaside town of Båstad but is  nestled in a picturesque bay and known as the home of the Sweden Open tennis tournament held each year since 1948 so this town’s population increases when all the sports fans come to town!


Don’t bother trying to pronounce it. Even the Swedes shorten it to O-vik to avoid getting your tongue stuck in your teeth -Saturday is hockey night in O-vik. This is a town which has produced   famous hockey players such as Anders Hedberg, Peter Forsberg, Markus Naslund, the Sedin twins, Victor Hedman and many more who now play in the USA. This is the Swedish holy town of hockey


Booktrail Boarding Pass:  Us Against You

Author/Guide Fredrik Backman  Destination: Sweden  Departure Time: 2000s

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