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  • Location: Sweden

My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Grandmother’s make their own rules

  • ISBN: 978-1444775853
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Everyone remembers the smell of their grandmother’s house.

Everyone remembers the stories their grandmother told them.

But does everyone remember their grandmother flirting with policemen? Driving illegally?
Breaking into a zoo in the middle of the night? Firing a paintball gun from a balcony in her dressing gown?

Seven-year-old Elsa does.

Travel Guide

Backman locations (c) Google

Backman locations (c) Google

The map shows a few places associated with the author – he was born in Brännkyrka, grew up in Helsingbors and now lives in Solna, just north of Stockholm.

The settings in this novel are never named but that doesn’t matter as the story of loniness andhope takes the reader on quite a journey

“People in the real world always say, when something terrible happens, that the sadness and loss and aching pain of the heart will “lessen as time passes,” but it isn’t true. Sorrow and loss are constant, but if we all had to go through our whole lives carrying them the whole time, we wouldn’t be able to stand it. The sadness would paralyze us. So in the end we just pack it into bags and find somewhere to leave it.”

The journey towards wisdom like this:

“Grow up and be different and don’t let anyone tell you not to be different, because all superheroes are different.”


Booktrail Boarding Pass:  My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

Destination : Sweden  Author/Guide: Fredrik Backman  Departure Time:2000s

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