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  • Location: Norway, Chicago

Triflers Need Not Apply

Triflers Need Not Apply

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1884- 1918:B ased on the true story of Belle Gunness whose murderous rampage began in Chicago in 1900

  • ISBN: 978-0241442302
  • Genre: Crime, Historical, Inspired by true events

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Early in life Bella Sorensen discovers the world is made only for men. They own everything: jobs, property, wives. But Bella understands what few others do: where women are concerned, men are weak.

A woman unhampered by scruples can take from them what she wants. And so Bella sets out to prove to the world that a woman can be just as ruthless, black-hearted and single-minded as any man.

Starting with her long suffering husband, Mads, Bella embarks on a killing spree the like of which has never been seen before nor since.

And through it all her kind, older sister Nellie can only watch in horror as Bella’s schemes to enrich herself and cut down the male population come to a glorious, dreadful fruition . . .



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Based on the true story of Belle Gunness

Belle’s murderous rampage began in Chicago in 1900, Triflers Need Not Apply is a novelistic tour de force exploring one woman’s determination to pay men back for all they have taken.

Belle Gunness, born Brynhild Paulsdatter Storset (November 11, 1859– possibly April 28, 1908), was a Norwegian-American serial killer who was active in Illinois and Indiana between 1884 and 1908.  She is thought to have killed at least fourteen people, most of whom were men she enticed to visit her rural Indiana property on the promise of marriage. Her exact fate is unknown although many believe she died in a fire.

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Destination/location: Norway, La porte, Indiana  Author/guide: Camilla Bruce  Departure Time: 1872 – 1910s

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