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Traitor’s Knot

Traitor’s Knot

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1650: Civil War has given way to an uneasy peace in the year since Parliament executed King Charles I.

  • ISBN: 978-1521391556
  • Genre: Historical

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Royalist officer James Hart refuses to accept the tyranny of the new government, and to raise funds for the restoration of the king’s son, he takes to the road as a highwayman. Elizabeth Seton has long been shunned for being a traitor’s daughter. In the midst of the new order, she risks her life by sheltering fugitives from Parliament in a garrison town. But her attempts to rebuild her life are threatened, first by her own sense of injustice, then by falling in love with the dashing Hart. The lovers’ loyalty is tested through war, defeat and separation. James must fight his way back to the woman he loves, while Elizabeth will do anything to save him, even if it means sacrificing herself.



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Seventeenth century England is a country torn apart by religious and political divides.

The book opens with the Battle of Naseby in 1645. The Battle of Naseby was a decisive engagement of the English Civil War, fought on 14 June 1645 between the main Royalist army of King Charles I and the Parliamentarian New Model Army, commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell

This is a story of Groups of royalist supporters in Weymouth and along the Dorset coast who are trying to get the ports back into royalist hands. The local justice of the peace is held up by a highwayman on the way to Warwick.


This is where Elisabeth’s Aunt Isabel  lives and it’s a dark and foreboding place. Civil War rages on around it, but here there is something else going on.


There are those who are trying Charles II – restored to the throne. But  history takes a unexpected path….

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Destination: England  Author/Guide: Cryssa Bazos  Departure Time: 1650

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