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Three Weddings and a Proposal

Three Weddings and a Proposal

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2000s:  At the first wedding, there’s a shock. The second wedding is unexpected

By the third, Delphie thinks nothing could surprise her. But she’s wrong . . .

  • ISBN: B08LN6BW7K
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Delphie is enjoying her brother’s wedding. Her surprise last-minute Plus One has stunned her family – and it’s also stopped any of them asking again why she’s still single. But when she sees all the missed calls that evening, she knows it can’t be good news. And she’s right.

Delphie has been living her best life, loving her job, her friends, her no-strings relationships and her dream house by the sea. Now she has to question everything she believed about who she is and what she wants. Is her mum right – is it time to settle down? Or does she want to keep on trying to have it all?

Each wedding of a glorious summer brings a new surprise. And as everything Delphie thought she had is threatened, she has the chance to reshape her future . . .

Travel Guide

Travel to Malta and Dublin with Sheila O’Flanagan

There’s two main locations in the novel – Cork and Malta. However, the settings are secondary to the plot and the characters.


“I’ve never actually holidayed in Mallorca but I’ve overnighted in Palmyra a few times.”

“I inhale the warmth of the island and feel the heat of the sun”

Conrad’s house is located here just behind the hills in the Port Andratx

“Palmyra isn’t a typical Spanish house. Theres no whitewash or bougainvillea, no terracotta tiles or grilles on the windows. It’s starkly modern, built in the early 2000s by a Spanish popstar, but sold when the same pop star was done for tax evasion and had to pay a massive fine. Conrad heard about it, came to see it and bought it within a week.”


They don’t understand why Conrad would leave Malta for this place when his office view is of glass and steel buildings.


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Destination/location: Dublin, Malta   Author/guide: Sheila O’Flanagan Departure Time: 2000s

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