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  • Location: London, Lagos, Barcelona

This Motherless Land

This Motherless Land

Why a Booktrail?

2023:  A story of race and culture and belonging

  • ISBN: 978-0857527806
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

When Funke’s mother dies in a tragic accident in Lagos, she’s sent to live with her maternal family in England. Traumatised by grief and against a backdrop of condescension and mild neglect, conformist Funke strives to fit in, determined to become one of them.

Free-spirited Liv has always wanted to break free of her joyless family, resolved to be nothing like them. Fiercely protective of Funke, she at last has a purpose. And an ally. The two cousins give each other what they need most: love.

But the past casts long shadows and the choices made by their mothers haunt Funke and Liv, shaping the trajectory of their adult lives. Can they escape their legacy?

Travel Guide

Around the novel with Nikki May

This Motherless Land is fiction but I put my characters in homes I’ve lived in and featured places I love.

So Funke’s childhood home in LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) was mine.

Tarkwa Bay, a wonderful beach you can only get to by boat.

I love Tejuosho Market where Liv and Funke have a ‘sliding doors’ moment.


Liv’s flat on Underhill Road was where I lived with my husband before we moved out of London.

The Horniman Museum is a key location – Kate and Liv go there.


The 1992 Olympics is a key event in my book.

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Destination/Location: London, Lagos, Barcelona  Author: Nikki May   Departure: 2024

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