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The Woman Who Wanted More

The Woman Who Wanted More

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2000s: A friendship with added bite.

  • ISBN: 978-1785765322
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

After a major life upheaval on the eve of her 40th birthday, a reluctant Kate Parker finds herself volunteering at Lauderdale House for Exceptional Ladies. There she meets 97-year-old Cecily Finn. Cecily’s tongue is as sharp as her mind but she has lost her spark, simply resigning herself to the Imminent End.

Having no patience with Kate’s plight, Cecily prescribes her a self-help book with a difference – it’s a 1957 cookery manual, featuring menus for anything life can throw at ‘the easily dismayed’.

Will Kate find a menu to help her recover from her broken heart? If Kate moves forward, might Cecily too?

The cookbook holds the secrets of Cecily’s own remarkable past, and the story of the love of her life. It will certainly teach Kate a thing or two.

So begins an unlikely friendship between two lonely and stubborn souls – one at the end of her life, one stuck in the middle – who come to show each other that food is for feasting, life is for living and the way to a man’s heart is . . . irrelevant!

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Travel BookTrail style around London’s Foodie places

Lauderdale House for Exceptional Ladies

Sadly this is fictional but it should be real! The rest of the book takes place in and around North London and so it would probably be here. The best thing to do to experience this book is to spend time in North London, pretending you’re in the book and find some lovely places to eat and read!

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Destination: London  Author/guide: Vicky Zimmerman  Departure Time: 2000s

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