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  • Location: England, Blackwater Estuary

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

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1800s: Classic story of a haunted house and a very ghostly story!

  • ISBN: 978-0099288473
  • Genre: Ghost/supernatural, Gothic, Horror

What you need to know before your trail

Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, the sole inhabitant of Eel Marsh House. The house stands at the end of a causeway, wreathed in fog and mystery, but it is not until he glimpses a wasted young woman, dressed all in black, at the funeral, that a creeping sense of unease begins to take hold, a feeling deepened by the reluctance of the locals to talk of the woman in black – and her terrible purpose.

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Crythin Gifford

The fictional village where the novel is set is never really firmly located in any part of England apart from somewhere on the coast. Sam Daily describes Crythin Gifford to Arthur as they sit on the train together:

“… There’s the drowned churches and the swallowed-up village,” he chuckled. “Those are particularly fine examples of ‘nothing to see.’ And we’ve a good wild run of an abbey with a handsome graveyard—you can get to it at low tide.”

Crythin Gifford is a dreary, bleak town filled with secrets, lies and ghostly shadows. It’s surrounded by wild fields and plants, trees and landscape which seems to swallow up the people of this rather dismal town. As for Eel Marsh House, well you just know it’s going to be old, haunted and chilling. It’s set on Nine Lives Causeway – which tells you everything you need to know!


Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  The Woman In Black

Author/Guide: Susan Hill  Destination: England (Essex, Blackwater Estuary)  Departure Time: 1800s

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