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The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes

The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes

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2000s: A novel about mourning and loss

  • ISBN: 978-1473668997
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What you need to know before your trail

Masha’s life has stopped. Once a spirited, independent woman with a rebellious streak, her life has been forever changed by a tragic event twelve years ago. Unable to let go of her grief, she finds solace in the silent company of the souls of her local Victorian cemetery and at the town’s lido, where she seeks refuge underwater – safe from the noise and the pain.

But a chance encounter with two extraordinary women – the fabulous and wise Kitty Muriel, a convent girl-turned-magician’s wife-turned-seventy-something-roller-disco-fanatic, and the mysterious Sally Red Shoes, a bag lady with a prodigious voice – opens up a new world of possibilities, and the chance to start living again. But just as Masha dares to imagine the future, the past comes roaring back …

Travel Guide

London and its cemeteries

The main settings in the novel centre around the Victorian cemetery, the Lido, Kilburn tube close to where they live and Richmond Park which provides a haven of peace and tranquility. but it’s the cemetery which is the main place for thinking, reflecting and more:

“The cemetery is jus  a short walk across the park and the cold, crisp air, still tinged with the earthy undertones of autumn, is intoxicating to breathe. If the pool is my penance, then this place is my sanctuary and today ti is fairytale beautiful. It is a fine example of a Victorian garden cemetery, and the Victorians did death so beautifully. Towering trees stand guardian over the rows of imposing headstones and graceful sculptures. The angels are my favourites and there are a whole host of them here. Some, on children’s graves, are small with downcast eyes, guarding those who lie beneath their feet: and others have stretched their arms towards the sky and spread their wings ready for flight.”

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Destination : London  Author/Guide: Ruth Hogan  Departure Time: 2000s

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