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The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

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1300s: Wales at the turn of the 12th Century was a series of battlefields and family misfortunes

  • ISBN: 978-0751540260
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

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Guyan, a Marcher Lord marries Judith, a young girl whom he’s never met. They meet for the first time on their wedding day which has been arranged by King William Rufus only to find out that she is barely 16 and very immature at that To make matter worse, Judith’s father ws abusive to her so she finds it hard to be alone with Guyan. There’s not that many people pleased at the union, least of al the couple themselves.

But this was the wish of King William Rufus and what a king demands, a king gets.

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The Wild Hunt is a portrayal of Medieval Britain, and the feudal domains of the Norman Lords in Wales. King William Rufus ruled the land and the Norman history and customs are brought vividly to life. These were tough times for a woman and they were bidden to do whatever men or the kind decided. Luckily Guyon who Judith marries is not one of your usual men of the time and there is a lot more than a typical arranged marriage of the time here – there is also feeling and understanding.

When the King is killed on the battlefield, his brother Henry takes the throne. These are very challenging times however as the King had bastard children and so the path to the throne is paved with thorns.

This is a story of the during the wars on the Welsh Marches  and the Middle Ages are rough, raw and brutally evocative.

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