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The Widow of Pale Harbor

The Widow of Pale Harbor

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1846: A town gripped by fear. A woman accused of murder. Who can save Pale Harbour from itself?


  • ISBN: 978-1848457492
  • Genre: Ghost/supernatural, Gothic, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

1846. Desperate to escape the ghosts of his past, Gabriel Stone takes a position as a minister in the remote Pale Harbour, but not all is as it seems in the sleepy town.

As soon as Gabriel steps foot in town, he can’t escape the rumours about the mysterious Sophy Carver, a young widow who lives in the eerie Castle Carver: whispers that she killed her husband, mutterings that she might even be a witch.

But as strange, unsettling events escalate into murder, Gabriel finds himself falling under Sophy’s spell. As clues start to point to Sophy as the next victim, Gabriel realises he must find answers before anyone else turns up dead.

Travel Guide

Travel down BookTrail  style to Pale Harbor, Maine

This is luckily a fictional place as you probably would be a bit nervous going there after reading this. It’s a small and very spooky town. Always dark and chilling at night – just take note of that girl with a lamp on the front cover.

This remote town with few inhabitants is full of spooky places – a derelict church, a ramshackle mansion where a widow lives on her own and that’s before you get to the new minister and his role of outsider into this place of strange people.

Sophronia is the widow of the title and she’s hidden herself away in the mansion with her maid and friend Helen. Her husband is dead and has left her a magazine so she spends her time doing that with her maid. But life on your own is lonely when you cut others out of your life. People find her odd and aloof so the rumours of witchcraft soon start to circulate. These were tomes when being a woman and working alone, living alone where suspicious, so when things start to happen in the village, it must be her, right?

Events in the village start to happen which are very spookily similar to those in the magazine stories. Is this village tainted by tragedy and trauma? Is there some kind of curse on the village and what does the widow have to do with it?

Very atmospheric read this one.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Widow of Pale Harbor

Destination: Maine  Author/guide: Hester Fox  Departure: 1846

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