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  • Location: South Africa

The White Giraffe (White Giraffe Series)

The White Giraffe (White Giraffe Series)

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Timeless: A young orphan girl has some magical adventures in South Africa

  • ISBN: 978-1842555637
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

Marine is only young when she is orphaned after a fire at her family’s home in England. She is sent to live with her grandmother on a game reserve in South Africa called Sawubona, a grandmother she didn’t even know she had.

Not long after her arrival however, she hears the story about a white giraffe who lives in the reserve. Everyone including her grandmother says that it’s just a myth and that there is not such thing but Martine believes that it exists. Determined to prove it, she sets out to find it and try to find out why everyone is keeping it a secret from her.

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A lonely little girl who has just lost her family is taken to the hot and humid dusty landscape of South Africa and into a world of wonder and intrigue.

The mythical creatures who live here on the game reserve are majestic and amazing beings. But there is a legend that one giraffe, a white one, lives amongst them. A legend which everyone is trying to keep secret and Martine is keen to find out more. When she sees the creature, it is a magical moment-  a delectable moment of awe –

“The sky had cleared a little and in the dim light of the watery moon , Martin would see it was immensely beautiful creature. Its coat shimmered like sunlit snow and it was patterned all over with patches of silver tinged with cinnamon”

Such a magical and mythical creature in the middle of the African Game reserve. A lonely creature who Martine befriends as she too is lonely and away from the place she has always called home. The giraffe becomes her friend and she fears that the rash of poaching going on at Sawubona game reserve will threaten the home of her new friend and the other animals.
With a little African magic and mysticism, Martine explores her new home and new landscape and starts to understand her new home and the magic it contains.

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