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  • Location: Sweden

The Tomten and the Fox

The Tomten and the Fox

Why a Booktrail?

If you have met the tomten, this is the story of when he meets the fox

  • ISBN: 978-0863151545
  • Genre: Childrens, Folklore

What you need to know before your trail

It’s nighttime on the farm and the moon lights up the house and the animals. But there is a shadow lurking in the shape of a fox. He wants to steal a chicken or two for his tea but the tomten has other ideas and he is there to guard the farm. Nothing will come to harm when he is guarding the land. But how is he going to outwit the fox who is getting hungrier and hungrier?


Travel Guide

The snowy moonlight farm is a delight to spend time on. More so when you consider that the tomten is a mystical creature deep in the heart of Swedish folklore who is there to protect the animals. He tells of the joy of Spring and warms everyone by telling them about the warm weather and flowers to come.

The tomten also loves the farm and this is his home so he has an interest to not just fight the fox but to help him like the other animals. He offers him porridge if he promises to leave the hens alone. The fox is not the bad guy on this farm just another hungry animal.

Snowy calm descends on this Swedish farm and blankets everyone in its warmth.

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