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The Silvered Heart

The Silvered Heart

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1648: The story of Lady Katherine Ferrers, legendary highway woman and the original “Wicked Lady”

  • ISBN: 978-1472204240
  • Genre: Fiction, Folklore, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Lady Katherine Ferrers was a legendary highway woman or at least she might have been. This is a fictional account of what could have happened but then legend is often more fascinating than anything else. She doesn’t start life that way but her formerly privileged world is now increasingly turning into a prison of sorts with her husband who treats her with disregard and contempt. She started life as an orphaned heiress but her fortune is dwindling and this is no time to be a lady on her own.  Katherine Ferrers is a real life women from history with a story to tell….

When she meets a man who could give her a way out of her misery and her desperate situation, she seizes the chance even though she understand the dangers. But does she? Does anyone? And what can happen if they are caught?

Civil War is raging but the war closer to home could be a lot more deadly.

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With the civil war raging and the effects devastating the county, the King is in turmoil and Cromwell’s army is destroying everything in its path. The fortunes of rich and privileged families is dwindling and Lady Katherine Ferrers like many others are forced to either work, earn a living some way and marry someone just to have a chance in life. Life is a risk, and robbery is rife:

“The distant drum of galloping hoof conjures nothing but doubt and fear, these days”

These situations lead to her making the decision to become a Dick Turpin style character which was common at the time but not for women. The frightening way in which she herself suffers robbery on the highway before committing it herself is evoked in chilling detail. Women were always the pawns of men, at their mercy and their sickening lust.

Civil war is raging and life for everyone is hard, dirty, dangerous and unstable.

Our journey has become a slow crawl across England’s lead-pocked, battle- churned land

The world is changing but women are very much at the mercy of men. Marriage is their only choice so to choose to risk everything to become a highwayman ensures Katherine turns to the violence and savagery she once used to experience herself.

The biggest change in England at that time was when Parliament wins the war and executes the king. The old order is no more and everyone is now struggling to deal with the aftermath not to mention the loss of status and wealth. Kate has to find her own way in the world and her husband and marriage do not provide the position in society she needs. But it’s the insight into the civil war and to the extremes people will go to when their world around them is falling apart:

“How I have come to love this moment, when the tensions of the stand, the power of a loaded pistol, the weight of gold in my palm area all yet to come, and anything is possible.”

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2) Nomansland - "The Wicked Lady"
5) Ware - Lady Katherine's burial site

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