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  • Location: England, Ireland, USA, Europe, Shiant Isles

The Seabird’s Cry

The Seabird’s Cry

Why a Booktrail?

How do birds find their way across the open oceans?

  • ISBN: 978-0008165703
  • Genre: Nature/Landscape

What you need to know before your trail

Seabirds are master navigators, thriving in the most demanding environment on earth. In this masterly book, drawing on all the most recent research, Adam Nicolson follows them to the coasts and islands of Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and the Americas. Beautifully illustrated by Kate Boxer, The Seabird’s Cry is a celebration of the wonders of the only creatures at home in the air, on land and on the sea. It also carries a warning: the number of seabirds has dropped by two-thirds since 1950. Extinction stalks the ocean and there is a danger that the grand cry of a seabird colony will this century become little but a memory.

Travel Guide

Map from the book (c) William Collins

Map from the book (c) William Collins

Much is set in and around the Shiant Isles – a cluster of Hebridean islands in the Minch that Adam Nicolson has known all his life. This might be the starting point as it were but he takes the reader on a journey with the birds along the west coast of Ireland, the Faeroes, Iceland and Norway and even to  the Azores –to name but a few. The stories of how and why these birds travel is very inspiring!

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Destination : worldwide  Author/Guide: Adam Nicolson

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